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sfSimpleCMSReloadedPlugin does not load routes Symfony

Symfony 1.4 using Propel 1.6.

This seems to be the same problem that I face:

I downloaded the package for sfSimpleCMSReloadedPlugin. Then I used scp to move it to my server.

This plugin needs Propel 1.5. We have 1.6, which I assume will work, unless there were some backwards breaking changes.

If I go to:


I get:

404 | Not Found | sfError404Exception
Action "sfSimpleCMSReloadedPlugin/index" does not exist.

If I go here:


I see this error:

500 | Internal Server Error | sfConfigurationException
The route "sf_simple_cms_page_collection" does not exist.

The plugin has this route class:

class sfSimpleCMSReloadedRouting

static public function listenToRoutingLoadConfigurationEvent(sfEvent $event)
$r = $event->getSubject();

// prepend our routes
$r->prependRoute('sf_cms_delete', new sfRoute('/cms_delete/:sf_culture/:slug', array('module' => 'sfSimpleCMSReloaded', 'action' => 'delete'), array('slug' => '.*')));
$r->prependRoute('sf_cms_toggle_publish', new sfRoute('/cms_publish/:slug', array('module' => 'sfSimpleCMSReloaded', 'action' => 'togglePublish'), array('slug' => '.*')));
if (sfConfig::get('app_sfSimpleCMSReloaded_use_l10n', false))

$r->prependRoute('sf_cms_show', new sfRoute('/cms/:sf_culture/:slug', array('module' => 'sfSimpleCMSReloaded', 'action' => 'show'), array('slug' => '.*')));
$r->prependRoute('sf_cms_show', new sfRoute('/cms/:slug', array('module' => 'sfSimpleCMSReloaded', 'action' => 'show'), array('slug' => '.*')));


But it seems like the routes never get loaded?

I enabled this plugin in settings.yml and in the Project file and I cleared the cache. I still can't get this plugin to show up anywhere.

What should I check next?

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