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[sfException] Unable to find path for class sfGuardUserGroupPeer Symfony


As I wrote in my last question, I'm dealing with a site that was built in Symfony 1.0.22. The original programmer did a lot of custom programming, and they overrode a lot of the defaults.

Now I am trying to install the version of sfGuardUser that is compatiable with Symfony 1.0. I get this error:

symfony propel-load-data cms
>> propel load data from "/dev/zor/plugins/sfGuardPlugin/data/fixtures"
>> propel load data from "/dev/zor/data/fixtures"

Unable to find path for class "sfGuardUserGroupPeer".

If I try this:

symfony promote-super-admin zzzz

I get this:

This task is not yet implemented.

I run "symfony cc" many times.

Any thoughts about where I should look to find the source of this problem?

Answers (2)


Martin Palacio answers:

Did you rebuilt the model after installation?

Remember that you must follow the instructions for the 1.0 release when installing a plugin.
In this case, [[LINK href=""]]look here[[/LINK]]


Marcos IbaƱez answers:

Have you enabled the sfGuard module?

Your settings.yml file should look like this:

enabled_modules: [default, sfGuardGroup, sfGuardUser, sfGuardPermission]

And don't forget to clear the cache!

And regarding the missing promote-super-admin task, it is not implemented in the 1.1.16 version of the plugin, that corresponds to the 1.0 version of symfony.

Nevertheless, you can always create the user and then set the "is_super_admin" bit to true in the database. If you want to use a SQL query directly, it should be something like this:

UPDATE sf_guard_user SET is_super_admin = 1 WHERE id = ID_OF_THE_USER_TO_PROMOTE