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Solved Symfony Questions

Question Prize Ended At
How to populate sfApplyApply Form to edit profile? $10 2010-07-12
Submitting forms without using the view $13 2010-07-10
How can I make the model class a variable, with Propel? $10 2010-06-28
sfPager is looking to "id" field even though that is not the PK $25 2010-06-27
Is there a way to feed an array to checkbox_tag in Symfony 1.0? $5 2010-06-26
Why would I get garbage character if everything is encoded UTF8? $5 2010-06-21
How to sort Ascending/Descending based on query parameter? $10 2010-06-20
How to insert image file into database through YAML and call it ? $4 2010-06-19
Displaying an Image (Blob) $4 2010-06-17
What's the best way to get the current session|user object? $5 2010-06-14
Installing sfJqueryTreeDoctrineManagerPlugin to Symfony 1.4 $10 2010-06-06
Calling a reusable function from a form or task $5 2010-05-31
How to create links between different apps $10 2010-05-31
Customizing child item form with embedRelation doctrine $7 2010-05-30
Silently format columns after form input and before output $5 2010-05-23
Multiple embedforms and many to many $7 2010-05-23
Trouble with formular $4 2010-05-21
Symfony Installation Help $50 2010-05-21
Make the RSS feeds look pretty in Netvibes $40 2010-05-19
A statement pager for the old versions of Creole $10 2010-05-19
EAV Entity Attribute Value sfForm $20 2010-05-16
examples of listing 2 databases in one schema.yml file $4 2010-05-15
Why would a session cookie not get set? $4 2010-05-14
How to log to syslog? $4 2010-05-13
Help with filter forms (not using admin generator) $25 2010-05-10