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Solved Symfony Questions

Question Prize Ended At
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sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoiceGrouped and NestedSet $5 2010-12-18
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How do I serve a CSS style sheet dynamically? $4 2010-12-04
Why does template die mid-decoration? $10 2010-12-03
Why would this code not execute nor throw an error? $5 2010-12-03
Best way to turn off cache, including the need for cache folder? $5 2010-12-02
Why would back.php have different database access than index.php $4 2010-12-02
How do I limit the length of log files? $4 2010-12-01
Where is app.yml loaded, and how can I force it to load elsewhere $9 2010-12-01
Why won't my classes autoload? $15 2010-11-28
Left join to a group of tables (nested joins) in Doctrine $4 2010-11-27
Why would a call to $context() in sfPHPView crash the page? $9 2010-11-24
I need a Perm PHP symfony developer in NYC $4 2010-11-23
Why does 'doctrine:build-schema' give me 'Missing class name' $20 2010-11-20
Row level security enforcement $4 2010-11-16
I'm looking for ideas to hack the way Symfony gets templates $24 2010-11-11
Why do I get "Access denied" from Symfony if the credentials work $10 2010-11-09
Unknown record property Doctrine_Record_UnknownPropertyException $4 2010-11-06
How to get a checkbox in a generated admin module? $4 2010-11-05
How to use Doctrine and Propel in same project? $20 2010-10-27
Remove Blank Object from embed form if not filled out $5 2010-10-25