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[pakeException] Task "doctrine::build" is not defined Symfony


I just downloaded the Symfony 1.4 sandbox, then I uploaded it to my dev server, then I wrote a schema, and then I tried to run:

symfony doctrine::build --filters --forms --model --sql

and I got:

Task "doctrine::build" is not defined.

so I tried:

symfony doctrine::build --all

and I still got:

[pakeException] Task "doctrine::build" is not defined.

Any thoughts about why? Is this a sandbox thing? On the same server we have Symfony 1.0 installed, but I assumed the sandbox contained the core files needed to run in a self-contained way.

Answers (3)


Micah Breedlove answers:

Try with 1 colon
./symfony doctrine:build ....


Nate Flink answers:

try ./symfony cc


./symfony doctrine:build


Jakub Zalas answers:

I assume you really downloaded symfony 1.4 sandbox.

Pake is not used with symfony 1.4. You have symfony 1.0 installed somewhere on your computer and it's in your PATH.

Accessing it with <em>./symfony</em> rather then <em>symfony</em> should work.