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Symfony Experts is focused on providing fast answers to every day Symfony questions. As such our traffic is very relevant to any Symfony plugin, theme and anything else Symfony related.

Symfony Experts traffic is measured by Google Analytics and Alexa.

  • 70,000 monthly page views
  • 160,000 users
  • 24 hours a day activity
  • New registrations every day

The primary traffic comes from the USA, Canada, UK and India.

Types of ads offered not more than 5 ads can be rotated per spot

  • Header ad - $250 a month
    Size: 728x90 pixels
  • Sidebar ads: top - $150, middle - $100, bottom - $50
    Size: 300x250 pixels
  • Best answer ad - $300 a month
    Size: 728x90 pixels
  • Signature ad - $10 a month