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a blank white screen Symfony


I have white screen with no errors. I just moved site to a new server. Symfony version is 1.2.2. Server is Red Hat Linux. DNS switched over. All I get is white screen. No errors. This is dev environment. I ran "symfony cc". No luck. No errors appear in error log. Installed sfErrorHandlerPlugin. Still no errors. Just white screen. No changes have been made to the code - it worked on the old server. What should I check next? Site needs to be live tonigt so I could use fast help. Site needs to be live by Sunday nigt.

Answers (2)


David Brewer answers:

You say you looked in the error log -- was that the symfony error log, or the web server's error log? If PHP crashes hard, you may end up with an error in the web server's log but not in symfony's log.

Often this kind of problem with PHP is related to a problem in the configuration of a PHP extension. For instance, if you have installed something using pecl and then upgraded your version of php, the extension may be compiled against the wrong version of php, which can cause problems like this.

Another thing to look out for is PHP code that begins with an '@'. This suppresses error messages. You'll find some code that uses this because it's trying to suppress warning messages from a library it's including, but if something goes more dramatically wrong then you've got nothing to go on.

zachariah comments:

Thanks. The error was hidden by '@' symbol.


Daniel Lohse answers:

Please check in your php.ini that you have error reporting set to E_ALL (the correct is in the comments in the php.ini).

Also, did you check that a simple <?php phpinfo(); ?> in a test.php works and that subdomains and the like are correctly set?