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What plugin is best for generating a lot of admin forms, v 1.4 Symfony


I have a client who in 1989 started accumulating a lot of data in a FileMaker database. The have a huge table with 158 fields. A denormalized database. This will all rebuilt with time, but for now, the first phase of the project is to do a straight port to MySql and Symfony and to get something working that looks like the old FileMaker database.

The old FileMaker database had 40 different screens and lookups (data available in drop downs, make pretend this was pulled from another table, since that is what we are aiming for).

I'm building the new site using Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine.

I'm looking for recommendations about plugins I might use to auto-generate some of the screens. Ideally, I can just list what fields I need in a yaml file, and get a working form.

I will need to generate 40 different screens, all pulling data from the same datbase table. Ideally, I can give each screen a different set of user permissions.


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Loban Rahman answers:

I don't think any particular admin theme will help you. My approach would be

Phase 1
(1) Create a doctrine model that mimics your current database table (all 158 fields).
(2) Create a basic migration task class that imports your filemaker database into your doctrine model and saves it.
(3) Create one symfony app called "old" or something, and use the admin generator to create a module with all 158 fields. Test that everything is ok using this.
(4) Copy-paste this module over and over again to make new admin views, customizing your fields as necessary.
(5) Original filemaker clone complete.

Phase 2
(1) Create new doctrine model classes with proper normalization.
(2) Create another migration task class that loads your original model, and then creates the proper ones and saves them.
(3) Create another symfony app called "new" or something, and generate admin modules for all your modules.
(4) Customize as necessary.
(5) Proper reimplementation complete.

The admin generator plugins will not really help you much in this plan, except maybe make the UI a bit nicer than the default, and some offer some specialized/nicer widgets. ACTUALLY, the one I liked best was the admin generator in It's a CMS based on symfony, but it's custom admin generator was top notch. Uses 2-column forms (with ability to use both for a field), nice use of ajax for pagination and others, lorem ipsum generator, and just prettier all in all. You could either just use Diem itself, or extract out it's admin generator theme/plugin.


Damian Martinelli answers: is a very nice admin generator. Maybe it's useful for you.


Nate Flink answers:

I don't think you need a plugin for this. I think you can just create a sort of "template" module with all the fields specified in the generator.yml, and then copy/paste it and rename it, while commenting out/removing any fields you don't need in the generator.yml, and things will be more KISS