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Very slow vimp website Symfony

My site is having a lot of trouble loading when there is even the slightest spike in users (today when 140 people were on the page loaded in 62s). I need help identifying the problem and finding a solution. The site is running on a dedicated quad processor server with 8gb of RAM.

There was another user on this site with a similar problem though, due to my lack of knowledge with actual development of websites, I am unsure how to address and solve the problem.

Any help solving this asap would be greatly appreciated.


Answers (2)


Luis Cordova answers:

this question is not relating to symfony

more to system admin


Gordon Franke answers:

I have fix that problem for the user from the related question 305. Can you send me a private message with access data to the server then i can take a look.

EDIT: When you use the same software the problem is the software this is crypted so you can't change the code. The software has some problems it makes to many db calls and has no caching implemented. So the only thing that you can do is clean log files (sometimes the files are to big) disable logging in prod. Activate query cache on mysql.