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Symfony2 Position Available at UK SEO Company Symfony

I hope you are well, and enjoyed a great start to 2012. I am the managing director of ‘Bough SEO’; a SEO company based in London, UK and am looking for some expert Symfony developers to add to my ever expanding team to enhance my technology and build some ground-breaking SEO tools. I have contacted the administrators and they mentioned this would be the best technique to find quality Symfony developers.

Please find below a job description, and the next stages if you are interested in applying for the role; either on a part-time of full-time basis. To give you an idea of the business structure, I currently have 8+ employees and only one developer working on the product at the moment. I am looking to invest more in the development side of my business so I can become more efficient and run automated software to enhance my business offering.

Job Description:
I am looking for an individual web developer. Please do not apply if you are a company.

Applicants must have the following:
- An excellent understanding of PHP
- The ability to use all applications connected to a "Linux" based server.
- Complete understanding of Symfony2 (the Web PHP Framework). This is essential.
- Proficient skills in web crawling, and writing scripts.
- Java coding and JQuery.
- Ability to use SQL databases.
- Excellent knowledge of Python. This is essential.
- A fast PC and good internet connection as this is a work from home job

Additional Benefits would include:
- Ability to develop and design Face-book pages.
- Use of C++ and other coding language.

The position is a full-time opportunity, and will be ongoing for the right candidates. If you wish to apply for this position please respond with the following:
* CV
* Availability date
* Expected Monthly salary
* Years of relevant developer experience
* Any examples of your development work
* Your expertise on the different programming languages set out in the description.
* Any other expertise that you have i.e. design skills etc.

If you would like to apply, please send an email through our contact us page located at

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


Answers (4)


Ben answers:

Not sure if you spotted that this isn't really a recruitment website.

boughrobert comments:

Hi Ben,

Yes, I understand that this is not a recruitment site, however, I asked the administrators my options before posting the "question" due to the sensitivity over some websites communities. My response was:

"Another option, you can always ask a "question" for $5 which is really simply an announcement that you are looking to hire people. We at Sympfony Experts will charge a listing fee of 5% and the $5 will go to the Community Pot and distributed amongst the eligible experts."

Therefore, I have uploaded the "question" to highlight that I was looking for somebody. I apologise if this has disrupted or provide sensitivity to yourself, but I was specifically told by the site's owners that this was acceptable. I am happy to take it down if the community is disgruntled with this post being there. All I want is a quality Symfony2 developer, and am keen to find one. If you think this isn't the right community for this, then I'm happy to take it down.



Luis Cordova answers:

Bob private message me :D

Luis Cordova comments:


you can also see my chops here


Camillo C answers:

i usually am a very calm and reasonable person, but this time i really cannot hold myself from writing my opinion:

if i have understood well the requirements, you are looking for a developer with high level skills on

- php ,and in particulary
- symfony 2 framework
- c++
- python
- java
- <<all applications connected to a "Linux" based server. >> <- what does this even mean?

what are you willing to pay this kind of profile? 30k£ / month ?
what kind of developer could have high skill profiles in all of them?
you need years to learn well just ONE language.

If your bathroom is broken you'd call a plumber,and you wouldn't expect him to fix your windows too, i don't undestand why a developer should know all the human knowledge on IT.

sorry for being polemic.


Lawrence Krubner answers:

I am the owner of this site. To be clear: job posts are allowed on this site. If someone wants to pay $5 to basically buy an advertisement on this site, that is fine with me. The $5 will eventually go to the Community Pot and then be distributed to all the experts on the site.