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Login error with sfDoctrineGuard 5.x Symfony


I am getting this error - "Unknown record property / related component "permissions" on "sfGuardUser", referer:" - in my error_log when I attempt to login to my symfony 1.4 app after deployment. I do not get it on my local machine.

When I submit the login form, Symfony throws a 500 error. If I refresh the page, the login form is reposted and I am logged in.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this? Symfony version is 1.4.11.

Please only reply if you are a native english speaker.

My dev machine is OSX 10.6 (Snow leopard). The server is Centos Linux. DB is MySQL

Answers (2)


José Nahuel Cuesta Luengo answers:

Have you created all the model tables in sfGuardDoctrinePlugin's schema in your database?

It seems like Doctrine cannot find "permissions" compound relation.

codecowboy comments:

Yes, the schema and databases are identical on both systems.


Jimish Gamit answers:

Just try below one
./symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load --no-confirmation

and do clear the cache

codecowboy comments:

I have cleared cache and rebuilt everything - the problem remains.

Jimish Gamit comments:

delete all SFGuard Forms from lib/form/doctrine/base and reinstall it

codecowboy comments:

I can read stackoverflow too ;-) it didnt work.