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Easiest blog platform transition away from WordPress? Symfony


I'm feeling very frustrated with WordPress. During the last year, 3 of my WordPress blogs have been hacked. These blogs ran on different servers, under different configurations and with different versions of both PHP and WordPress. Nevertheless, they all got hacked. The security problems with WordPress are wearing me down.

I'd like to switch to something Symfony based. A CMS that can easily be setup as a blog. Which ones offer the easiest path from WordPress, in terms of bringing over the content and images? Any with actual import scripts for WordPress?

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Luis Cordova answers:

Yes there is a project PSSBlogBundle which reuses the data structure of wordpress, that is an option on github. The other is going old sf1.4 on apostrophenow which is version 1.5 it has nice things but will obsolete soon not sf2. If you want bleeding edge sf2 then I recommend hacking Symfony2 CMF and turn it into a blog, or branch ornicar's ltc blog.

Those are the options on the table, should you need to hire someone please message me.

Thanks, only taking great projects.


Luis Cordova comments:

I have delivered a wordpress rendering with twig. It is a mixture so not sure if this is secure enough though. wp should be secure, most likely you are falling pray of not using a VPS or using the wrong plugins.

Lawrence Krubner comments:

Cordova, thank you. I do not need cutting edge. I do not need Symfony 2. I need stable above all other things.

If I had to choose between PSSBlogBundle and ApostropheNow and Diem, which would you suggest?

Lawrence Krubner comments:

I do not think WordPress can ever be made really secure.

Luis Cordova comments:

go apostrophenow, it will be easy I am actually doing that myself but it is a temporary solution.
I rather actually go for ornicars ltc. :) once you know sf2 has paid for security consulting, you want to go for it secure man.

Luis Cordova comments:

yes so I take that back, aposrophe is deceiving because of looks

as a programmer I will go for PSSBlogBundle and ltc always. I am a sf2 dev most of all and trust its security more than wp or other older version.

Luis Cordova comments:

i just heard from another CMS today, you should check my repo. I did a fork on it, sounds it is going to be mostly used by the majority of the community and will possibly integrate with the PHPCR development going on. Very nice.