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I am one of the co-founders of Symfony Experts. (Darren Hoyt is the other founder.)

In the mid 90s I started experimenting with multimedia programming environments such as Hypercard. I also worked in small-scalle publishing situations and helped photographers when they were in transition to a digital environement, writing macros in Applescript. My first website consisted of some static HTML pages that I uploaded to my Geocities account in 1996. I started working with PHP in 2000, not long after PHP 4 had come out. I developed my own CMS from 2001 to 2007 but I've since switched to open-source projects such as WordPress and Symfony. I recently started working with Groovy, which has re-introduced me to the JVM world, which I worked with briefly in 2003. 


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Written in response to How do I save an array in a form that points to another model?:

Of course, for this to work, you have to first delete all of the deal_weekday records associated with this deal. Then you add them all back, based on the newest input from the form.


We are experimenting with a new design for the home page. The goal is to reveal how active the community is. If you prefer the old design, it is here:



We are adding in a new feature today. I have found that sometimes that I want to add a comment to a page after the question on that page has closed. It seems inappropriate to add to the page after the question is resolved, and yet sometimes additional thoughts might be useful. As a compromise, we are adding in a page that allows additional discourse. The page that holds the question will simply note that someone has left an additional comment. People reading the question are free to click through to the additional commentary, but the commentary does not appear on the page with the question. Instead, it appears on the personal 'discourse' page of the person who leaves the remark. We will see if people find this useful. We have not yet added email notifications, but we might do so in the future.


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