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  • sfViewableModel

    Links symfony's view cache to your model and automatically removes cached templates when model objects used to build them are modified


  • sfViewableForm

    Adds support for a config/forms.yml file to make global view-related modifications to your forms.


  • sfUrchin

    Easily add Google Analytics.


  • sfTaskExtra

    Adds tasks to your symfony command line to help streamline your workflow.


  • sfSimpleBlog

    The sfSimpleBlogPlugin adds standard weblog features to an existing website.


  • sfPropelEvents

    Adds symfony 1.1 events to your Propel objects.


  • sfPropelActAsPolymorphicBehavior

    Enable multi-column foreign keys.


  • sfGoogleWebsiteOptimizer

    Easily add Google Website Optimizer experiments to your symfony project.


  • sfGoogleAnalytics

    Easily add Google Analytics to your symfony project.


  • sfGenerateControllerTask

    Easily generate front web controllers for your symfony project.


  • sfFormStrings

    Adds support for a config/forms.yml file to make global view-related modifications to your forms.


  • sfFeed2

    The sfFeed2Plugin offers an object interface for feeds and feed items, feed input methods using a web feed or an array of objects as source, and feed output methods for displaying items on a page and serving feeds through a symfony application.


  • sfExceptionFormats

    Renders exceptions as the appropriate content type.


  • sfDoctrineMasterSlave

    Easily manage master and slave database connections.


  • sfAssetsLibrary / sfPropelActAsSortableBehavior / sfWebBrowser

    The sfAssetsLibraryPlugin is a full-featured multimedia asset library plugin.

    sfPropelActAsSortableBehavior - model classes with this behavior enabled become sortable.

    The sfWebBrowserPlugin proposes an HTTP client capable of making web requests. The interface is similar to that of sfTestBrowser.

    sfAssetsLibrary sfPropelActAsSortableBehavior sfUFO sfUJS sfWebBrowser

  • sfRedisCache

    Redis is a high performance cache backend, much better than Memcached and even APC. Use this advantage for with the sfRedisCache class in your factories.


  • sfImageTransform

    The aim of sfImageTransformPlugin is take the pain out of image manipulating in PHP/symfony. sfImageTransformPlugin is great for but not limited to common tasks like creating thumbnails, adding text to dynamic images or watermarking.