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The Community Pot

Every night we pay out a portion of the Community Pot (5% or $25, whichever is greatest).

Community Pot Total: $27

The Community Pot has 3 sources of income:

1.) Community Sponsors who donate to the community
2.) Askers who fail to get an answer, but who donate their prize rather than ask for a refund
3.) The per-question Community Pot contribution, which is currently $0.50

Due to a serious failure of the service during the summer of 2014, the owners of the site have donated a $1,000 to the Community Pot.

Experts are paid proportionally to the amount of money they have earned on the site during the last 180 days, until September 15th, 2014, at which point payment will go back to being based on the most recent 30 days.

Good Citizens receive 3 times the normal amount from the Community Pot. That is, their share is triple weighted.

These were the experts who were paid today: