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Our listing fees are $0.99 plus 07 percent.

Some people ask us why they can not pay more than $100. We remind you that this site is for questions that can be answered in a day or two. If you have a big project worth (for example) $500 and you would like to advertise it on this site, we suggest that you create a post with a prize of $1 and use the post to ask for bids.

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Do not give a username or password to anyone unless you trust them completely. Do not give people access to your server unless you trust them completely. If you give a password to someone so they can do work for you, always change the password as soon as they are done working. Tailor Made Answers (of which this site is a part) is not responsible for anything that occurs if you give a username or password to someone and they misuse the access that you have given them.

How much should Symfony work really cost?

Our customers frequently ask for guidelines regarding how much work should cost. We hope this page will help educate the Symfony community about the value of each expert's knowledge. Below you will see what askers offered, and what the experts suggested the prize should be. Some of these questions ended successfully, and others had to be refunded. We remind everyone asking a question: if you offer too little money, the experts will not be motivated to give you the information (or work) that you need.

The "Experts suggested" number is an average of all the suggestions made by experts. Visit an expert's profile page to see what their specific price suggestion was.